Dr. Sonia Luckey


Dr. Sonia Luckey is a nurse practitioner, chaplain, consultant, educator, and researcher.

She has taken all of those experiences, skills and instincts and added a doctorate in nursing, a master’s degree in spiritual psychology, and training in complementary medicine modalities to focus on ultimate holistic health that spans all areas of life. An inspired teacher and soul-centered professional coach, Sonia connects powerfully in individual sessions and speaking to large groups.

Health. Healing, and growth begin with the spirit, emotions, mind and body. There must be balance and attention to each aspect to provide a climate of growth and transformation. Throughout her career, Sonia has studied various healing modalities and philosophies that help her work with and relate to clients of different backgrounds.

Her business background of innovation and consulting has made her a leader and trailblazer, helping clients envision new ideas and concepts and create their dreams and goals, grounded in strong foundations of self-knowledge, accountability, and willingness to do the necessary work.



Personal Message

"My career has been dedicated to guiding, accompanying, and supporting people in reaching their optimal potential, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally. I meet my client where they are now, and facilitate them in becoming everything they want to be. I believe in the ability of human spirit to persevere, in limitless possibilities, and the power of intention and loving.

My life journey led me through the darkest night of the soul, one that I thought I would not survive. But the right people came into my life, healers and teachers of all kinds, and helped me discover inner strength, wisdom, and faith. I not only survived, I thrived and have literally entered into the best time of my life, my own golden age. I have dedicated myself to supporting others in difficult times, and helping them fly even higher in good times. I will listen to you, challenge you, accompany you, and celebrate with you.

I love what I do, and the people I do it with. Every person is extraordinary, and I can see that. My goal is to make sure that you, and the rest of the world, sees it too.
" - Sonia Luckey


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