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Mentoring is available individuals and small groups.

Keynote Speech

Available for keynote speeches on several integrated health and other topics.


Breaking Bad News

* Rescheduled *

Advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) experts,
Dr. Sonia Luckey and Dr. James Morgan, along with actors, will help participants develop essential communication skills and understand how to effectively:
• Describe the provider’s considerations when
breaking bad news.
• Employ the six-step SPIKES protocol for
breaking bad news.
• Explain the impact receiving bad news can
have on patients.
• Summarize foundational self-care strategies.

The Nightingale Way series
for Health Professionals:
Dignity Therapy - Affirming Dignity and Personhood

No one knows how long they will live. What would define the best quality of life if someone knew that time was limited? For health care providers, who are focused on conserving life and problem-solving, this is a question that they don’t usually reflect on. And for patients and families, the likelihood of pondering that question is even less. Yet, for the individual, it is a critical question.
Dignity Therapy is an evidence-based narrative talk therapy designed to help people who are living with life-limiting or life-threatening medical challenges. Participants can heal through storytelling/life review and creating a living legacy document. Dignity therapy gives participants an opportunity to talk about what is most important to them, things they want to share with those they are closest to and things that they feel they need and want to say. It is highly beneficial for those with existential insight and a yearning for Generativity. The experience is meaningful and can facilitate coping skills; as well as psychosocial and emotional healing.
This course teaches providers how to incorporate supporting dignity in their work. It will bring additional insight and satisfaction to your work. You will learn:
• Theory and Framework for Dignity Therapy
• Skills for compassionate interviewing
• Criteria for patient selection
• How to do a Dignity Inventory
• Therapeutic Interventions
• Guidelines for producing a Generativity document.
The course is intended for advanced health care providers, including nurses, therapists, social workers, and chaplains.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # 16832 Four (4) Contact Hours.

Holistic Renewal Retreats
"Mindfulness and emotional well-being are so important in a time when constant connectivity and life demands can leave us exhausted and overstimulated.”

Supporting Healers of All Kinds

Sometimes, what we really need is a solid break from everyday life to consciously focus on our personal development.  You have dedicated yourself to caring for and serving others.  Creating the time and space for your own self-care and healing not only improves the care you offer your clients and patients, but also improves every area of your life.

  • Holistic weekend retreats designed to renew and refresh your spirit, emotions, mind, and body.
  • Learn about and experience a variety of complementary and holistic healing practices and modalities.
  • Reconnect with your life and career purpose; and learn how to incorporate that vision into your work.

Personalized private workshops and retreats available for yourself or your group in your location.  Workshops and retreats include opportunity for individual consultations with our multi-disciplinary healers, expert speakers and facilitators.

 Dr. Sonia Luckey is an Integrative Holistic Nurse Practitioner, author, educator, and mentor. She is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Holistic Nurse, and in Fall 2017 as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  She holds Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Nursing and Spiritual Psychology.  Her work in the fields of self-development, personal growth, and holistic health care includes certifications in several energy healing modalities, as well as complementary and traditional healing methods.