Support for wives of gender-expansive individuals and husbands who cross-dress

Your husband has expressed they would like to dress in women's clothing, are gender-fluid, non-binary or exploring... what?

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Dr. Sonia Luckey


I’m Sonia Luckey DNP, and you’re in the right place

I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who specializes in mental health and spirituality.

I support heart-centered women whose husbands have suddenly changed the context of their relationship navigate their own thoughts and feelings and find their best path forward.

When you married, you expected there to be ups and downs, compromises, adventures, and a whole spectrum of experiences.

You likely didn’t expect your husband to share a secret so surprising as wanting to wear women’s clothing, or being gender-expansive (and he may not have expected to be having this conversation either).

Yet, here we are.

While there are many avenues of support and information for men through the LGBTQ+ community, not much is available specifically for their wives.

This is why I focused my practice to help educate and support women whose spouses have “come out” as gender-expansive, so that they can process this huge change in their lives and find their best path forward.

Here is how I can help:


Private Coaching
with Sonia

Get personal support processing your feelings and thoughts, and help navigating your decisions as you find your best path forward.

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Yellow Butterfly Support Group: Wives of Gender-Diverse Individuals

Join a community of heart-centered women where you can relax and talk in a safe space with others who understand.

I want you to know that how you are feeling is normal.

It’s shocking when your spouse, whom you may have known for most of your life, shares such an unexpected secret.

And right now if you are:

The list goes on and on — whatever you’re feeling, all of your feelings are valid, and while it may seem impossible right now, peace is in your future.

I am here to help

If you want someone to guide and support you through this unexpected turn your life is taking, let’s talk.

Here is what you can expect when working with me:

Spiritual Focus

What if all this was happening FOR you, not just TO you?  My work is done through a spiritual lens, which means looking beyond the surface conversation, to a deeper context. My gift is to help my clients connect with their soul purpose and express their highest self in their lives. This is how I help my clients find peace in even the most trying times. When you allow your soul to lead you, the path forward becomes much clearer.

Therapy & Coaching Combined

My professional background includes Board-Certifications as a Family and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. I have also extensively studied energy medicine, complementary and alternative medicine modalities, and functional medicine. While most of the techniques and methods I use are science-based, I also combine all of my knowledge and experience to deliver what my clients need “in the moment;” honoring their journey and supporting their individual needs.

You Will Find Peace

While this may seem like some far off dream right now. I promise it is possible for you to find peace again. Peace doesn’t mean storms don’t exist, but it means that the storm doesn’t control you. In the end, you will feel peaceful in your decisions and your life with your husband, however you choose to go forward. Hope is possible, and you can still have a happy ending.

What people are saying...

“Sonia makes you feel that anything is possible with the right tools, knowing that the support is here in the group, in this programme I feel I have the right support – I can type or chat and I found it very very helpful…”
– HA

“The skills I learned in my first week alone have been life-changing. I can’t wait to learn more.“
– TS

“I will be able to use the content with my everyday contact with people as a whole…having a calm mental attitude and being spiritual can help manage the stressors that may come around you.”
– KJ