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Inspired Living Book

Inspired Living: Superpowers for Health, Love, and Business

25 Practical Strategies from the Experts

As you take steps to live your life authentically, overcome obstacles and step into your magnificence, do you sometimes wonder how other people have overcome similar situations?

In this incredible collaboration, twenty-five experts from all walks of life share vignettes on their own journey to overcome a life situation or challenge and win the victory through their gifts, tools and owning their unique “superpowers.” You’ll gain new ideas, strategies, insights and perspectives so you can make your own shift to Living Inspired.

Chapter 10: Active Inner Stillness—Redirecting Stress for Next-Level Focus and Energy

In a world greatly in need of peace, it is more important than ever to first focus on inner peace. Mindfulness practices help us find that calmness. The way we think helps us keep it.

The stressors and challenges we face on a daily basis take a toll on our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. You can train your brain to HELP you when you’re stressed, instead of just shutting down. When you learn to look at a stressful situation in a different way, you can activate a still point where you can be calm, cool, and collected, all by changing the way you think.

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Soul-Aligned Business Book

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business

25 Practical Strategies from the Experts

If you’re thinking about creating or growing a business that truly aligns with who you are and how you’re called to serve the world, this book is for you.

In this incredible collaboration, 25 coaches, strategists, and practitioners share their journeys in creating their own soul-aligned businesses. This guidebook will validate and empower you to take the next best steps right away to awaken your financial potential while remaining aligned with your soul, purpose, and joy.

If you’re tired of traditional business models and the ego-centered ways of building wealth, look no further. You have the answer to your business growth and financial wellbeing right here in this book.

Chapter 12: Making Soul-Aligned Choices—Tools for Dimensional Living

As heart-centered entrepreneurs, we want to show up differently in the world. We are soul-aligned, we want life to be meaningful, we want to make a difference, and we want to be better humans. We want experiences that help our spiritual growth at that moment and build our spiritual muscles over the long term. This is the opportunity for a shift in dimensional living— getting out of our 3D patterns and moving toward 4D and 5D, integrating with something greater than ourselves.

In this chapter I share some foundational tools and techniques to help you increase your awareness and build your skill-set so you can make soul-aligned choices and realize your authentic self in your daily personal and business life. This is how you begin to transform your 3-D thinking.

Order your signed copy of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business, signed by Dr. Sonia Luckey. (Price includes S&H)


Dr. Sonia Luckey

About the Author

Dr. Sonia Luckey is a nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience, board-certified in Psychiatric Mental Health and Family Practice. She is the president of The Nightingale Way, a nurse-owned education and consulting company.

Sonia has immersed herself in holistic healing modalities her entire career, including Reiki, shamanic training, bio-field, energy medicine, functional medicine, and HeartMath. She took everything up a notch by earning a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and a doctorate in nursing, applying scientific principles and evidence-based research into these healing modalities. This created an amazing toolkit that she uses to help her patients and clients be more in control of their well-being and health care. Through her writing, workshops, and coaching, she teaches them how to shift their thinking and connect with their inner guidance; then apply spiritual principles and universal laws to their personal lives, business, and relationships to live authentic, heart-centered, soul-aligned lives.